Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to buy the best laptop ?

Laptop systems have become more popular as a result of the significant improvement in system performance and of course the mobility issue plays an equally important role. Laptops are being marketed today as a replacement for personal computer systems [PC], but few of them can actually function on the same level as PC computers, especially when it comes to graphics and 3D performance. The following guide will help you explain what important elements you should be aware of, before choosing a laptop.

Weight and size

The weight and size of a laptop is of course important. Mobility allows light weight and a relatively small size, but at this expense, we sacrifice drives. Be sure, before you buy a laptop, how much is weighed and whether you are willing to carry such weight - it is important to consider the weight of accessories such as power adapter.

CPU processor

Previously mobile processors were slower than PC's, but all of this is behind us. Dual Core processors are common and improve system performance when working on a number of tasks at the same time. The type of processor that is on a notebook varies, depending on the size and purpose of the computer. The processor has a direct impact on system performance as well as on battery life so it will be difficult to compare the types of processors to laptops.


Laptop computers are generally more limited in the amount of memory they can hold than PCs. * It is important to know the maximum amount of memory that the computer can use, along with the amount of memory it is currently installed. Independent or whether you need a computer technician.Take into account that 2GB should be the minimum memory for a laptop and better performance you might want to consider 4GB.


The display is defined by the screen size and the resolution, the larger the screen, the higher the resolution value will be. Widescreen display, as of today, is standard. The graphics card will determine the performance of your computer when working with 3D graphics and HD video.


How much storage space do you need? Drive size and performance are directly affected by the speed of its rotation. [RPM] Optical drives play an important role in purchasing a laptop. To date, DVD burners are standard hardware, but there are also drives such as Flash / LightScribe / Blu-ray, depending on your needs and the nature of use.


The ability to connect to the network is inseparable from most laptops today. Look for systems that include a built-in 56Kbps modem and Fast Ethernet. With the development of wireless networks you will likely find this hardware in most new mobile devices. For minimal use on a wireless network, look for a mobile with 802.11b / g hardware

Battery life

How good a laptop can be if it is able to provide 30 minutes of working time on your computer from a single charge? Try searching for the manufacturer settings over a standard battery life. Look for a system that provides at least two hours of battery life under normal working conditions. If you need a longer battery life, look for mobile devices that allow this by connecting to another battery, for example.


Laptops have a relatively good chance of spoiling - by being mobile. When purchasing a laptop, it is important to take at least a year of warranty from the manufacturer. If you use "heavy" computer - a system that comes with 3 years warranty from the manufacturer, it will be more suitable for you, but also more expensive. Responsibility from a third party is not such a good idea, unless the service is done through the manufacturer.

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