Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to choose the best wardrobe ?

Moving apartment ?, the old closet is already falling apart? Or maybe it's time to renew! These are the questions you would like to ask before you start on your way to your dream closet.
The wardrobe is a very significant piece of furniture in the house both in terms of use and in terms of the volume it occupies and its presence.

In terms of usefulness - buying a wardrobe should ask ourselves a few questions:
Why should we use the closet?

How much storage space do we need and what types of items?

How much room there is in the room for a closet? It is recommended to measure exactly the room where the closet will be and plan, but the area will be divided in terms of the additional furniture (bed, chests) and the direction of the door and windows.
What's in the closet? The cabinet can be divided into several modular units: hanging area, shelving area and drawers area. The closet space should be divided according to our needs.

Designally - of course the closet will have to "live together" with the full bedroom: bed, komoda, chests and other accessories. We notice that there are harmonious designs, and we will always make sure that there is a basic fit of form and color. It is recommended by professionals to choose three main colors for each room (bedroom or walk-in wardrobe), and also for fabrics such as curtain or bedspread.

If we go wandering around furniture stores, we recommend taking the existing furniture to compare the colors and shades.

Question of material:

As is known, the quality of the furniture is determined first and foremost by the materials from which it is made. For wall cabinets and bedroom closets, which are not usually exposed to moisture, it is customary to produce MDF which is of sufficient quality for this purpose and is relatively inexpensive, and most models can be ordered from other materials such as a sandwich tree.

For those interested in unique impressive materials and also more expensive there are many other options such as solid wood,
Metal and even a combination of metal and glass.

A question of Size:

The standard height for a wardrobe is 240 cm. You can order a lower wardrobe, but adding height will usually involve considerable costs.
Width of a four-door cabinet: 160 cm, 5 doors: 200 cm, and 240 cm for a 6-door cabinet, in other words: 40 cm each door.

Depth: For a closet that needs to be standing in a room with a bed, a dresser and maybe a dressing table or a combo - 50 cm is the most comfortable and comfortable depth.

Components of the cabinet:

Drawers - the width of a drawer can be of one door (about 40 cm) or two doors (80 cm) from this width should be reduced to a few centimeters of the width of the tracks. Standard heights for drawers are 17 or 23 cm per drawer.

Shoe Drawers It is customary to place at the bottom of the closet, which is more difficult to access, wide drawers for storing small items.

Hanging rod -
At least one or two doors should be set aside for hanging. Of course it will come in place of the shelves or drawers.

Shelving unit - The standard height interval between the shelves is 40 cm between shelf and shelf.The height can be changed without difficulty at any time by the customer by moving the shelf holders between the holes.
Bottom of the cupboard: You can choose between a stage, with or without legs, or a decorative shade that will usually come at the expense of shoe drawers.

Drawers: The drawers can be internal so that closet doors hide them, or external ones, and they add interest to design and more accessibility.

Door Profile: In order to add color to the cabinet, you can order a cabinet with a profile around the doors and drawers. This type of finish adds a lot of elegance and interest to the wardrobe design, especially if a shade other than the shade of the rest of the closet is used.

Handles: There is a whole world of handles made of wood, nickel or various metals. Beautiful handles can add an elegant and interesting touch to the "heavy" and classic "closet." It is not recommended to combine different types of handles, but one type for doors and one type for drawers.

And now for shopping:

Once we have defined our demands and desires from the closet, the search for the perfect wardrobe begins. This is already a journey in itself. Which should be started with a thorough surfing of the Internet in order to be impressed by the supply, design and prices. Anyone who has already found the closet of his dreams will save a lot of hassle and hassle. If not, it is time to find a store or some shops, preferably nearby and residence to facilitate arrival and save shipping cost.

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